Provider Shield

Healthcare regulations and accompanying penalties are becoming harsher every year. Recent changes to the law put healthcare providers at significant financial risk (minimum $10,000 for each violation) if found out of compliance. Here is a link to recent penalties.

Per the Office of Inspector General (OIG) Special Advisory Bulletin dated May 8th, 2013, OIG recommends monthly screening of all direct and indirect recipients of federal funds to minimize potential CMP Liability. This coincides with the monthly updates to the List of Excluded Individuals and Entities. See the law here.

The OIG’s database search tool only allows for screening up to five names at a time. Screening even one name against the federal database can be time consuming. Most providers have dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of names to screen just to remain in basic compliance with the law. When the large volume of names to screen is coupled with each of the state sanction screenings, it is simply impractical to use the tools provided by government offices.

ProviderShield searches all employee and contractor names against all state and federal sanction and exclusion databases at once. Providers are notified immediately if any matches are found. OIG approved audit reports are issued monthly, cross-referencing data directly from the updated databases and your internal payroll and billing systems. You submit one file, you get one report in under 72 hours.

ProviderShield works one-on-one with each compliance professional. ProviderShield Account Managers understand the law and the unique needs of each healthcare provider. ProviderShield will help healthcare providers avoid inadvertent financial penalties through prompt service and expertise.

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